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OUR CERTIFICATES DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 The ISO 9001 defines requirements and principles for a quality management system which companies are certified according to this ISO standard which we must conform too. These requirements ensure quali ty standards in the product and service quality, with the fulfillment of customer demands and ser ves as a benchmark for a continuous improvement of performance. ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 The ISO 14001 defines standards which serve to control and improve the environmental performance. Through a continuous and transparent process of improvement, environmental risks are reduced and the ecological balance sustainably improved. DIN 33870-1 / DIN 33870-2 / ISO-19752 / ISO-19798 The standards DIN 33870-1 (monochrome printing) and DIN 33870-2 (color printing) define quality requirements for the reprocessing process of toner cartridges as well as suitable testing methods. Various test methods, which have an influence on print performance, are clearly and unambiguously regulated in the ISO-19752, ISO-19798 and ISO-24711. These regulations provide a standardized process for measuring print performance of toner cartridges. NORDIC SWAN The eco-label adds great importance to the reduction of waste, the reduction of energy and raw material consumption during production which contributes to a lower impact on our environment and nature. Made in Germany All our rebuilt toner and refill ink cartridges are manufactu red in our production plants in Germa ny. You will get 100% quality “Made in Germany”. 3 years of warranty We provide a 3 year warranty for all our rebuilt toner cartridges and refill ink cartridges.

ART.-NO. REPLACES OEM-NO. NORDIC SWAN-CERT. COMPATIBILITY COLOR YIELD* REBUILT TONER CARTRIDGES FOR 101021 TN-1050 Brother HL-1110/1112/1201/1210/1211/1212, DCP-1510/1512/1601/ 1610/1612/1616, MFC-1810/1815/1910/1911 1.000 BROTHER BLACK 100147 100154 TN-2000 TN-2000 Brother HL-2030/2040/2070, DCP-7010/7025, MFC-7225/7420/7820, Fax 2820/2920 2.500 5.000 100161 TN-2005 Brother HL-2035/2037 5.000(1.500) 100178 100185 TN-2120 TN-2120 Brother HL-2140/2150/2170, DCP-7030/7040/7045, MFC-7320/7340/7440/7840 2.600 5.200 100604 TN-2010 / TN-2220 Brother HL-2130/2132/2135/2140/2215/2220/2230/ 2240/2250/2270/2275/2280, DCP-7055/7057/7060/7065/7070, MFC-7360/7362/7460/7470/7860, Fax 2840/2845/2940/2950 2.600 101038 TN-2320 Brother HL-L2300/2320/2321/2340/2360/2361/ 2365/2380, DCP-L2500/2520/2540/2560/2700, MFC-L2700/2701/2703/2720/2740 2.600 101519 TN-2420 Brother HL-L2310/2350/2357/2370/2372/2375, DCP-L2510/2512/2530/2537/2550, MFC-L2710/2712/2730/2732/2735/2750 3.000 100208 100611 TN-3170 TN-3170 Brother HL-5240/5250/5270/5280, DCP-8060/8065, MFC-8460/8670/8860/8870 7.000 14.000 100215 TN-3280 Brother HL-5340/5350/5370/5380, DCP-8070/8080/8085/8880/8890, MFC-8370/8380/8880/8885/8890 8.000 100758 TN-3380 Brother HL-5440/5450/5470/5480/6180, DCP-8110/8155/8250, MFC-8510/8515/8520/8710/8810/8910/8950 8.000 100765 TN-3390 Brother HL-6180, DCP-8250, MFC-8910/8950 12.000 101434 101663 TN-3480 TN-3480 Brother HL-L5000/5100/5200/6250/6300/6400, DCP-L5500/6600, MFC-L5700/5750/6800/6900 8.000 12.000 101441 TN-3512 Brother HL-L6250/6300/6400, DCP-L6600, MFC-L6800/6900 12.000 101526 TN-3520 Brother HL-L6400, MFC-L6900 20.000 100246 TN-6600 Brother HL-1030/1200/1220/1230/1240/1250/1270/ 1430/1440/1450/1470, P2500/2600, DCP-1200/1400, MFC-8300/8500/8600/8700/9600/9650/9660/ 9700/9750/9760/9800/9850/9860/9870/9880, Fax 4750/5750/8350/8360/8750 6.000 All information is subject to change. All brand names and trademarks are the property of the respective manufacturer they are used only to indicate the compatibility and are not transferable to our products. All toner cartridges and drums offered are high quality alternatives to the well-known products of the manufacturers. The newly used individual components come from independent manufacturers and not from the original (OEM). * A4 pages at 5% coverage or according to ISO 19752/19798 2023 5

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